«Eastern Asia: the new paradise for patenting» – 33rd Global Digital Encounter

21 Mar 2024 09:00

FIDE (Legal and Business Research Foundation) and TIPSA (Transatlantic Intellectual Property Academy) join forces to organize a serial of digital encounters to be scheduled along the year 2024 around the topic «Re-imagining IP in an ever-chaning world».

On this 33rd Global Digital Encounter, the topic will be: «Eastern Asia: the new paradise for patenting»

Over the past 30 years, Eastern, Southern, and Southeast Asian countries have experienced significant economic growth, transitioning into leaders in global patents. This transformation has been driven by robust scientific research, foreign investment, and dynamic participation in the patent race. Some analysts view this region as the new patent paradise, but questions remain about sustainability and potential consequences. The forthcoming Global Digital Encounters session will explore these themes with expert perspectives from Asia and Europe.

Date: March 21st

Time: 9:00 pm – 10:00 am Madrid, Spain Time

Academic Directors: Prof. Laurent Manderieux (Bocconi University) and Manuel Desantes (University of Alicante). Coordinator: Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, Partner at ELZABURU